Race Info

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Race details

All riders must wear a helmet and use an appropriate bike for off road riding.

On race day, all riders must sign in at least 30 minutes before race start and receive their race number. 

Waivers and Registration

Make Sure You Have a Waiver

Get them here

All riders must sign a waiver and any rider under 18 must have a parents sign their waiver.

The Race Day individual waiver and family waiver are available for download. If your parent will not be with you and you are under 18, make sure you download the individual waiver and have it signed by a parent and bring it with you on race day.

The Race Day individual registration form and family registration form are available for download if you want to save some time and fill it out before race day.

Riders that arrive with their registration form and waiver forms already filled out get a $5 discount!

We especially encourage families to fill out their forms before they arrive to speed up registration. We prefer cash or check but can process a credit card charge too.

Schedule of Events

9:00am Registration opens and course opens to registered riders

10:00am Juicebox Race (Kids 8 and under)
1 Shortened Lap
A shorter age-appropriate section of the course will be set up for the Juicebox Race. All young racers will be awarded a juicebox.
Length 15-30 minutes.

10:45am Fun Beginner Race
2 Laps
A beginner fun race designed to test your skills on your mountain bike.
Length 20 minutes.

11:00am Orchard Skills Course (Striders and kids 10 and under)
Open All Day, Timed at 11am

A fun biking course that will test the skills of young riders, with prizes.

11:30am Juniors Race (kids age 16 and under)
3 Laps
A slightly competitive mountain bike race for kids aged 15 and under.
Length 30 minutes.

Lunch – Course Open for practice

1:00pm Competitive Mountain Bike Race
4 Laps
A fast-paced mountain bike race for more experienced racers.
Length 40 minutes. All ages.

1:00pm Rim Toss
Kids can throw a bike rim and could win prizes.

2:00pm Competitive Cyclocross Bike Race
4 Laps
A fast-paced cyclocross bike race with barriers for more experienced racers. Length 40 minutes.

Course Map

Course for the farm fresh 2018 cyclocross and mountain bike race on Brainbridge Island

Race Tips

Take the opportunity to pre-ride the course. This will increase your confidence and help you note which corners can be taken with speed and which require early braking.

A big first-time mistake is to go too hard right away. Of course it’s a race, but make sure you can hold your pace for the 20,30 or 40 minutes that you are racing.

Bring your cowbells, if you have them and cheer on the other racers when you’re not racing.

What to Bring

Bike – Strider, Mountain or Cyclocross bike

Helmet – Make sure that it fits

Water – For hydration

Bike Shoes or shoes that can get dirty –There will be mud and spectators may want boots

Sunglasses/Eye Protection –Again mud will fly

Bike Gloves

Tire Pump

Clean towel -We recommend one for each racer in your family to get cleaned up and to sit on for the car ride home

Hydration and Nutrition

Drinking during the race can be difficult, so plan to drink prior to racing and after racing.

Its usually not a good idea to eat right before a race, usually eating 1.5-2 hours before is a good rule of thumb. It really depends how hard you race.

Rules and Regs

Have fun.

Helmets are required.

Handle bar ends must be covered and racers must use a mountain bike or cyclocross bike suitable for the course.

Timing will be old-school visual timing and a scoresheet. The top 3 female and 3 male racers in each category will be awarded prizes.